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A Ronda de Doha e a agricultura

Fichas temáticas sobre a UE 01-06-2017

A Conferência Ministerial de Doha, realizada em 14 de novembro de 2001, fixou um novo programa global de negociações agrícolas.

The EU's trade policy does not exist in a vacuum. On the one hand, it is affected by international standard and rule-setting. On the other hand, the EU is itself an influential actor shaping the international trade agenda by participating in the work of international organisations and fora. This short note focuses on the Group of 20 (G20).

The current round of international trade negotiations are expected to culminate in the ninth Ministerial Conference (MC9) taking place in Bali from 3-5 December 2013. These negotiations are the continuation of those launched in Doha, Qatar, in 2001. Since then, seven Ministerial Conferences have taken place, but a deal has proven elusive. There are many reasons put forward to explain this, with the principal ones being the emergence of major developing countries and their wish to rebalance the trading ...

Businesses across the world are increasingly interdependent, in so-called "global value chains". As the largest exporter of services in the world the EU has a strong interest in the liberalisation of services. In the light of stagnation in the Doha Round of trade talks, a separate international agreement on trade in services is seen as a way to increase efficiencies in production carried out around the globe. Some 20 countries, led by the United States, the EU and Japan, have recently begun negotiating ...

The Plurilateral Agreement on Services

Análise aprofundada 01-07-2013

Negotiations are underway on a Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). Following the Commission's request for a mandate in February 2013 the EU is participating in these negotiations. The negotiations are motivated by a desire to further trade in services at a time when the negotiations at the multilateral level on the Doha Development Agenda are at an apparent standstill. The aim of the negotiations is that they shall be consistent with the General Agreement on Trade in Services and the WTO and that ...

With the aim of overcoming stalemate in the Doha Round, a number of WTO members, including the EU and the US, are about to launch negotiations on a plurilateral Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).

Presentations of the workshop on "The Future of the WTO and the International Trading System" held on 8 May 2012 in Brussels.

The future of the Doha Round

Em síntese 09-09-2011

Economists are virtually unanimous that freer trade benefits all countries. However, the gains from trade are spread unevenly, both within countries and across them, which complicates political agreement on reducing barriers. Realising further gains from global trade will require new political momentum, as well as an appreciation of the changing world economy.

Documents of the workshop on the future of the EU trade policy, held on 15 March 2011 in the European Parliament.

The present study provides an overview of the state of play of the WTO agricultural negotiations after the 2008 talks, and analyses the implications of the EC and US proposals for their respective agricultural policies. It draws conclusions and recommendations around possible scenarios of negotiations and about possible actions and changes to the CAP.