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Publicado em 19-04-2024

The United Kingdom (UK) has so far taken a light-touch regulatory approach to its strong artificial intelligence (AI) sector. While the lack of horizontal laws may create a complicated legislative patchwork, the government argues that this is conducive to innovation and agile technology. With its new broad AI Act, the EU has taken a different path, but despite diverging approaches there are some promising signs for future cooperation.

Air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in the EU and causes significant damage to ecosystems. As part of the European Green Deal's zero pollution ambition, on 26 October 2022 the European Commission tabled a proposal for a revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives. The proposed directive would set air quality standards for 2030 that are more closely aligned with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, as updated in 2021. It would also include a mechanism for the ...

Once dispersed in the environment, microplastic particles under 5 mm in size are extremely difficult to remove and very persistent. Today, they are present in the air, soil, freshwater, seas, oceans, plants and animals, and in several components of the human diet. Human exposure to microplastic particles is therefore widespread, raising concerns about potential health impacts. The EU has committed to addressing microplastic pollution in two action plans –on the new circular economy and on zero pollution ...