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04-03-2021 09:00 - ICM International Women's Day 2021

Outro evento - FEMM
Women doctors, women leaders

The Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM), in collaboration with the Directorate for Relations with National Parliaments, will organize an Inter-parliamentary Committee Meeting celebrating the IWD 2021 on Thursday, 4 March 2021, from 9.00 to 12.00 entitled "We are strong: Women leading the fight against Covid-19".

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This event will benefit from the valuable contributions of Heads of States and Governments, Members of the European Parliament and of National Parliaments across the EU, frontline workers and other distinguished guests.

FEMM IWD 2021 will provide a global forum for an exchange of experiences and best practices in advancing women's empowerment during crises such as the one triggered by COVID-19.

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04-03-2021 13:30 - EPRS online policy roundtable: Unpacking the latest Eurobarometer survey

Outro evento - EPRS
EPRS online event 4 March

Full title: What are Europeans thinking about coronavirus and the EU today? Unpacking the latest Eurobarometer survey

There has been a significant increase in public support for the European Union in recent years, providing a broadly favourable backdrop to joint efforts to address the coronavirus crisis. Expectations about the potential and possibilities of common action have been rising, even if public opinion is less optimistic about economic and other problems ahead.

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This EPRS roundtable will look at the current state of public opinion across the EU 27 member states, on the basis of the most recent Eurobarometer findings which have just been released. A panel of experts will reflect on how well or badly placed the EU is to harness public opinion to address the big-picture challenges that face Europe, whether on coronavirus itself, the economic downturn, the digital revolution or climate change.

No registration needed.

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15-03-2021 13:30 - EPRS online Book Talk with Vivien Schmidt: Legitimacy and power in the EU

Outro evento - EPRS
EPRS online event 15 March

Full title: Legitimacy and power in the EU: Lessons from the eurozone and coronavirus crises

'Democracy in Europe' (2006) analysed the impact of the EU on the operation of democracy in member states, highlighting the multi-layered character of the new political system emerging. In her latest book, 'Europe's Crisis of Legitimacy' (2020), Vivien Schmidt looks at the origins and implications of legitimacy in the EU, analysing it through at the power-politics of the eurozone.

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EPRS is privileged to welcome to its latest online Book Talk, one of the world's leading writers on the EU system today, who will explain why she wrote her new book, set out its main arguments, reflect on its implications for the current coronavirus crisis, and answer questions from the digital floor. She will be in conversation with Jim Cloos, who recently retired from the Council secretariat to become Secretary General of TEPSA.
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16-03-2021 14:00 - EPRS online policy roundtable: New European Bauhaus

Outro evento - EPRS

Full title:New European Bauhaus: Bringing about a sustainable transition through culture and technology

More information about this event will be published soon.

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No registration needed.

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22-03-2021 13:45 - WORKSHOP on LGBTI+ RIGHTS IN THE EU

Seminário - PETI
Shape of the map of Europe with LGBTI colours displayed

The PETI Committee has requested the Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs to organise a Workshop on LGBTI+ rights in the EU to discuss the situation of LGBTI+ persons notably as they emerge from the petitions received by the EP, to examine the new Strategy on LGBTIQ rights recently presented by the Commission and to address the problem represented by the obstacles to the free movement of Rainbow Families through a dedicated study.

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LGBTI+ persons still experience discrimination, persecution, violence in the European Union of 2021. The European Parliament has been at the forefront in calling for the protection of the fundamental rights of LGBTI+ persons and for equality regardless of sexual orientation, through a fully-fledged LGBTIQ strategy, which was finally adopted by the Commission on 11 November 2020. The strategy also deals with the obstacles rainbow families live when they move from a Member State to another Member State, which are illustrated by the petitions received by the EP. The Commission has announced legislative initiatives to ensure the free movement and mutual recognition of rainbow families across the EU.

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23-03-2021 09:00 - AIDA Hearing on AI and Competitiveness

Audição - AIDA
AI and Competitiveness

On Tuesday, 23 March 2021 AIDA is organising a hearing on "AI and Competitiveness". The event will address the following questions: What are the choices for regulatory frameworks to enabling the potential of AI solutions for increasing EU enterprises competitiveness?; How to build a competitive and innovative AI sector?; What are the EU enterprises challenges in entering AI markets, by developing and adopting competitive AI solutions?

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The scope of the hearing includes of companies legally based in the EU and regardless of their geographical operation (National, European or International) or the location of their customers and potential competitors.

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23-03-2021 13:00 - Policy options for the ethical governance of AI and emerging technologies (online event)

Seminário - STOA
Image of compass and its arrow with green tip pointing at the word "ETHICS" in green big letters.

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In view of the upcoming legislative proposal on ΑΙ and its ethical aspects, the event will seek to identify which issues and challenges of AI are in need of particular attention. It will also discuss ways to address those challenges and build on what was learned during the AI discourse to prepare for the next wave of scientific and technological advances to ensure these are beneficial and their risks are addressed early.

Three flagship EU projects SIENNA, SHERPA and PANELFIT, that represent a €10m investment in research from the European Commission to develop governance structures sensitive to ethical and human rights concerns of emerging technologies, are coming together to discuss their findings and provide the context for a debate on the policy options for the ethical governance of disruptive technologies.


Chair: Vivienne Parry, Science journalist and author

13.00-13.15 Welcome

Lead panel member Susana SOLÍS PÉREZ, MEP

13.15-13.45 Policy keynote, Europe's approach to Digital Governance

Despina Spanou, Head of Cabinet of the VP' Schinas, European Commission

13.45-14.30 Panel I: Ethical, social and legal challenges of AI - open questions and outstanding challenges

(Chaired by EU project SHERPA)

Sebastain Wieczorek, Vice President - Artificial Intelligence Technology at SAP

Chiara Giovanni, CEN / ANEC

Iban Garcia del Blanco, MEP

Aimee van Wynsberghe, President of Foundation for Responsible Robotics (t.b.c.)

14.30-14.45 Break

14.45-15.30 Panel II: Mitigation options - What can be done to identify and address current and future challenges of emerging technologies

(Chaired by EU project PANELFIT)

Aurélie Pols, European Center for Privacy & Cybersecurity (ECPC)

Vincent C. Müller, Technical University Eindhoven

Matthias Spielkamp, AlgorithmWatch

Alexandra Geese, MEP (t.b.c.)

15.30-16.00 Research keynote: AI and after - Addressing the next generation of challenges

Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal

16.00-16.15 Break

16.15-17.00 Panel III: Beyond AI - ethics and human rights implications of emerging technologies

(Chaired by EU project SIENNA)

Johnny Soraker, Google

Tiemo Wölken, MEP (t.b.c.)

Philip Brey (U. Twente)

Lorena Jaume-Palasí, The Ethical Tech Society

17.00-18.00 Round table: International perspectives

Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director IEEE

Jan Kleijssen, Director, Information Society and Action against Crime, Council of Europe

Eva KAILI, MEP Chair of STOA

18.00-18.15 Final keynote speech

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

18.15-18.30 Closing remarks

Eva KAILI, MEP Chair of STOA

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23-03-2021 13:30 - EPRS online policy roundtable: 40 years of Greece’s EU membership

Outro evento - EPRS

Full title: From democratisation to accession: 40 years of Greece’s EU membership

More information will soon be published.

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No need for registration

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23-03-2021 16:45 - Gender equality in the Covid-19 recovery - UN CSW 65 Side event

Outro evento - FEMM DEVE
Evelyn Regner, Chair FEMM

On 23 March 2021, the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM), in association with the Committee on Development (DEVE), will organize the side event on "Enhancing gender equality and women's empowerment in the Covid-19 recovery”

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The side event will present priorities and initiatives of the European Parliament as regards gender equality and the empowerment of women in crises such as the one triggered by COVID-19. It will also provide a forum to exchange good practices and discuss innovative approaches and possible ways forward.

Localização: European Parliament & online participation
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15-04-2021 10:30 - The challenges of genome editing in plants, with a focus on crops (online event)

Seminário - STOA
Photo image of bright sunny sky, yellow crops and white genome vector

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Co-chaired by Andrius KUBILIUS (MEP) and Herbert DORFMANN (MEP & STOA Panel Member)

The workshop will address the science behind genetic engineering and focus on genome editing applications for plants and crops. The debate with MEPs, speakers and participants will address the possible benefits of genetic engineering applications for society, as well as safety issues and other concerns, with a focus on biotechnology policies for plants and crops.

Draft programme

- Andrius Kubilius, MEP - Opening remarks

- Virginijus Šikšnys - Keynote speech: 'CRISPR-Cas: science and applications'

- Michelle Habets, Rathenau (NL) - Presentation of the report 'Genome editing in plants and crops - Towards a modern biotechnology policy focused on differences in risks and broader considerations'

- Piet van der Meer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel - 'The status under EU law of organisms developed through novel genomic techniques'

- Julian Kinderlerer, European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) - 'A presentation of the opinion by the EGE on the Ethics of Gene Editing'

- STOA Secretariat: 'Stakeholders considerations regarding genome editing in plants, with a focus on crops'

- Machiel Reinders, Wageningen University: 'A presentation on citizens' perception of GMO'

- Discussion and Q&A

- Herbert Dorfmann, MEP and STOA Panel Member - Closing remarks

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Nos termos do artigo 193º do Regimento, um comissão é autorizada a organizar uma audição de peritos se entender que a mesma é indispensável para o bom andamento dos trabalhos relativos a qualquer questão específica. As audições também podem ser realizadas conjuntamente por duas ou mais comissões. A maioria das comissões organizam audições com regularidade, uma vez que as mesmas lhes permitem ouvir a opinião de peritos e efectuar debates sobre questões fulcrais. Esta página contém todas as informações disponíveis relacionadas com as audições das comissões, incluindo os programas, os cartazes e as contribuições dos oradores.


Os Workshops são organizados pelo departmentos temáticos e administrados de acordo com o Regulamento Financeiro. Não são necessariamente abertos ao público, mas podem ser realizados durante uma reunião de comissão.

Os workshops permitem aos deputados formular perguntas e trocar pontos de vista com peritos sobre assuntos relacionados com a actividade parlamentar ou de actualidade

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