07-12-2022 13:30
EPRS EU History roundtable: President Lord Plumb: A historical appraisal

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Library Reading Room, 5D, Spinelli Building, EP, Brussels + live on Webex Events
EPRS event on 7 December
EPRS event on Lord Plumb (7 December) © European Parliament EP/PE

Lord Plumb died back in April 2022. This roundtable, first of a new EPRS series, will devote to him as a British Conservative MEP and President of the European Parliament from 1987 to 1989, bringing together an eminent historian, a former MEP and a former Secretary-General of the European Parliament who will recollect their working experiences with former President Plumb. The event will be open by a video-message from current EP President, Roberta Metsola.