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This overview of the Croatian transport and tourism sectors was prepared to provide information for the mission of the Transport and Tourism Committee to Croatia (3-5 November 2015).

This compilation of briefings presents the most salient points and essential commitments made by the commissioners-designate during the hearings held in September/October 2014 before the parliamentary committees. These commitments concern the main on-going legislative procedures, the preparation of future legislative proposals as well as the scrutiny of the implementation of existing legislation. They also touch upon the crucial issue of inter-institutional cooperation.

In her answers to the questionnaire and during the hearing on 20 October 2014 before the Committee on Transport and Tourism, the commissioner-designate Violeta Bulc made a number of commitments. Commitments relevant to the Committee on Transports and Tourism are highlighted in this document.

This note illustrates the crucial contribution of structural and cohesion policies to the "Europe 2020" strategy. It also highlights the role that the Parliament could play in strengthening these policies, which are all subject to the ordinary legislative procedure and will all undergo a far-reaching reform by 2014.

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Studiu 15-04-2009

This practical guide provides an overview of the legal background to the respective policy, of its achievements during the 6th term and of the challenges that still remain to be tackled. Additionally, it contains concise information about the activities of Policy Department B and of the services it can provide.