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After a delayed response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in late 2019, China has expanded its sophisticated digital surveillance systems to the health sector, linking security and health. It has apparently successfully contained the virus, while most other countries still face an uphill battle with Covid-19. China emerged first from lockdown, and its economy rapidly entered a V-shaped recovery. As in 2008, China is driving the global recovery and will derive strategic gains from this role ...

This study analyses the interactions between EU and regional trade patterns and the trends in EU manufacturing on the one hand, and the influence of industrial and regional competitiveness factors on trade and industrial developments, on the other. The study specifically reviews theories on the factors behind trade specialisation and the role of trade in growth and inequalities, and links these to regional trade patterns in 13 EU Member States.

In light of the challenges currently facing the agriculture sector in the EU, an effective promotion policy becomes an important instrument in helping European agriculture to compete on world markets. Given the contribution the agri-food sector makes to total EU exports, it is essential for it to improve its competitiveness and market share. To support this objective, a new promotion policy for EU agricultural products has been developed, applicable since 1 December 2015. Based on a new Regulation ...

The present note addresses the issue of the scope of the European online dispute resolution Platform. In particular it examines whether such a scope can be extended.