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This study, commissioned by the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the PETI Committee, presents alternatives for cage housing of farm animals and laying hens and sows in particular. Cage-free housing has a positive effect on the behavioural freedom and welfare of animals. No major problems arise with regard to other aspects of sustainability. Research shows that cage-free housing is currently possible or will be in the future. ...

This study presents the main trends in total factor and resource productivity in recent decades. The main pathways for sustainable intensification are explored through case studies and policy analysis. The paper presents a normative analysis of policy tools able to reconcile productivity and sustainability requirements and also provides policy recommendations to promote a resource-efficient, productive, climate-friendly and resilient EU agricultural sector.

Biodiversity and agriculture

Briefing 21-06-2016

In its mid-term review of the Biodiversity strategy, the European Commission identified a continuing decline in the species and habitats associated with agriculture. It concluded that the strategy was not fulfilling expectations with regard to the contribution of agriculture and forestry to maintaining and enhancing biodiversity. Numerous studies show that agricultural biodiversity loss is linked to intensification of agricultural activities on the one hand, and the abandonment of farming on the ...