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The European Commission has proposed a revision of the founding regulations of three decentralised agencies (Cedefop, Eurofound and EU-OSHA) in order to update their objectives and tasks, and to define more precisely their roles in supporting the EU institutions and bodies, the Member States, and the social partners, as well as those involved in shaping and implementing policies at European and national levels in their respective policy areas. The agreed texts of the proposals, reached after extensive ...

Health and safety at work

Fișe descriptive despre U.E. 01-06-2017

Improving health and safety at work has been an important issue for the EU since the 1980s. The introduction of legislation at European level set minimum standards for the protection of workers, without preventing Member States from maintaining or introducing more stringent measures. When the Lisbon Treaty entered into force, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union became legally binding, making health and safety policy an even more important area of EU legislation.

The study presents recent trends on stress at work as well as an overview of EU and national measures to tackle this problem, especially in the context of the economic and financial crisis. The report also includes a number of case studies illustrating initiatives that have proven successful in improving workers’ mental well-being, in particular during restructuring. Given the growing concerns on the impact of the economic and financial crisis on workers’ mental health, one of the main recommendations ...

Two briefing notes on the 'New Strategy on Health and Safety at work 2007-2012' focus on the comparability of data and statistics in occupational health and safety, implementation and simplification of OSH directives without reducing the level of protection, targeted measures and whether OSH legislation is applied at global level.