25-01-2022 13:45
Public Hearing on "Ensuring European transportation works for women"

Vypočutia FEMM
European Parliament & remotely
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On 25 January 2022 the FEMM Committee held a hearing on “Ensuring European transportation works for women”.

The first FEMM hearing of 2022, "Ensuring European transportation works for women", aimed to look into the specific needs of women in relation to different transport options, as well as women employed in the sector and how these are reflected in the design of the respective EU policies. The December 2021 study "Women and Transport", commissioned by the European Parliament's Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the FEMM Committee was presented. FEMM heard from the invited experts: Associate Professor Hilda Rømer Christensen, Sociologisk Institut; Sabine Trier, Deputy General Secretary, Head of Policies and Gender Equality, European Transport Workers' Federation; and Professor Peter Turnbull, University of Bristol.

Members of the TRAN committee were also invited.