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Zverejnené 06-06-2023

Voting age for European elections

V stručnosti 06-06-2023

Under current EU law, EU Member States are free to set their minimum national voting age for European elections. This age is set at 16 in Austria, Germany and Malta, 17 in Greece, and 18 in the remaining Member States. In Belgium, EU citizens can, following a recent change, request to vote in European elections from the age of 16.

The European Electoral Act of 1976 allows the EU Member States to set the minimum age for standing as a candidate in European elections. While in May 2022 Parliament proposed a uniform minimum age of 18, the next round of elections – in 2024 – will be governed by the existing rules. The minimum age therefore varies among the Member States, ranging from 18 (in the majority of countries) to 25 (Italy and Greece).

Zverejnené 05-06-2023

As the civil war in Syria enters its 13th year, and amidst ongoing political instability and armed clashes, the humanitarian and economic situation in the country continues to deteriorate. Half of the country's 22.1 million population is internally or externally displaced and 15.3 million people – nearly 70 % of Syrians – are in need of humanitarian assistance. Following the deadly earthquake in early February 2023, the humanitarian situation has deteriorated further. Since the beginning of the conflict ...