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01-03-2021 16:45 - AIDA hearing on the external policy dimension of AI in association with AFET and SEDE

Predstavitev - AIDA
External policy dimension

On Monday, 1 March and Thursday, 4 March 2021, AIDA will hold a public hearing on the external policy dimension of AI in association with AFET and SEDE. The event will be divided into two panels, with a first panel on “AI diplomacy and governance in a global setting: towards regulatory convergence” and a second panel on "AI, cybersecurity and defence".

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The two panels will allow AIDA, AFET and SEDE Members to exchange views with international panelists on a range of emergent policy issues relating to AI, ranging from the developing global regulatory dialogue on AI to the uses of AI in the fields of cybersecurity and defence.

Lokacija: online
Zadnja posodobitev: 25-02-2021

01-03-2021 13:45 - Hearing on Transport of live animals in third countries

Predstavitev - ANIT
Sheep on a pick-up

On 1 March the ANIT Committee organises a public hearing on the transport of live animals to third countries. Particular aspects to be considered will be purpose of transport, journey planning, checks at the place of departure and exit points, border inspection posts, possible delays at borders and ports, control posts in third countries, animal welfare in transit and final destination countries and enforcement of Court of Justice judgment in Case C-424/practices.

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The hearing will be divided in two parts and in total 11 experts have been invited. Their presentations will be followed by an exchange of views with Members.

Lokacija: ANTALL 2Q2
Zadnja posodobitev: 02-03-2021

    Draft programme
    Programme Hearing on Transport of live animals in third countries

Questions and Answers

      Questions and Answers Seamus Scallan
      Questions and Answers Manuela Giacomini
      Questions and Answers Constança Carvalho
      Additional document to Questions and Answers Constança Carvalho
      Questions and Answers Péter Hencz
      Questions and Answers Lorène Jacquet
      Questions and Answers Heinz Osterloh
      Questions and Answers Madeleine Martin
      Questions and Answers Friedhelm Hormann
      Questions and Answers Gabriel Paun
      Questions and Answers Florin Beteg
      Questions and Answers Maria Dayen

Experts' CV's

      CV Seamus Scallan
      CV Manuela Giacomini
      CV Constança Carvalho
      CV Lorène Jacquet
      CV Madeleine Martin
      CV Friedhelm Hormann
      CV Gabriel Paun
      CV Florin Beteg
      CV Maria Dayen
      CV Heinz Osterloh
      CV Péter Hencz

Additional documents

      M.Martin - Besuch Versorgungsstationen Russland
      M. Martin - Export german cattle milk production in third countries
      M. Martin - Visit Control Posts in Russia
      M. Martin - handbook certification
      M. Martin - Checklist quality control posts
      M. Dayen - Positionspapier_Kälbertransport
      M. Dayen - Bundesrat Drucksache_755-20(B)_Beschluss
      M. Dayen - Driss_Meschik_2020
      M. Dayen - VGH München 23 CE 21.208
      Solution Friedhelm Hormann


      Presentation Constança Carvalho

01-03-2021 10:00 - Decarbonising European industry: hydrogen and other solutions (online event)

Delavnica - STOA
Image idea is “Lets reduce the CO2 emissions”. It shows a blurred man figure pointing finger at green hexagon, which has CO2 sign topped with downwards arrow inside

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This event will discuss in depth new and emerging possibilities for closing the carbon cycle through substitution of fossil fuels, especially with reference to carbon-intensive industries, exploring as well the need for further research in the different areas. It will feature two keynote speeches that will address the regional dimension and the perspective of the European Commission for the decarbonisation of European industry. Various experts will analyse the economic feasibility of different options for substituting fossil fuels and for reducing carbon emissions in the steel industry, as well as the possibility of using the existing gas infrastructure for transporting hydrogen. Representatives of the industry, environmental organisations, workers' unions and academia will make brief interventions to start the subsequent discussions. With this event, STOA aims to contribute to the political debate deriving from new scientific and technological developments. Based on the specific findings, the event will also serve to explore policy options for contributing to the transition to a carbon-neutral EU economy by 2050.


10:00-10:10 WELCOME

Tiemo WÖLKEN, MEP and STOA Panel Member

Patrizia TOIA, MEP and STOA Panel Member

10:10-10:25 KEYNOTE SPEECH: The regional dimension of decarbonising European industry through clean hydrogen

Birgit HONÉ, Rapporteur for the European Committee of the Regions' opinion on clean hydrogen, Minister of Federal and European Affairs and Regional Development of Lower Saxony, Germany

10:25-10:40 KEYNOTE SPEECH: Hydrogen as a key technology to reach climate neutrality in 2050

Sarah NELEN, Deputy Head of Cabinet of Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans at European Commission

10:40-11:30 SESSION 1: Close the carbon cycle through substitution of fossil fuels

10:40-11:00 Presentation by Professor Gabriele CENTI, President of ERIC aisbl (European Research Institute of Catalysis), INSTM and University Messina

11:00-11:05 Statement by Carl DE MARÉ, Arcelor Mittal - VP, Head of Technology Strategy

11:05-11:10 Statement by Imke LÜBBEKE, Head of Climate and Energy WWF European Policy Office

11:10-11:30 Q&A session

Chair: Patrizia TOIA

11:30-11:35 Announcement: launching of the STOA study 'The potential of hydrogen for decarbonising EU industry'


11:35-12:25 SESSION 2: Carbon-free steel: Cost reduction options and usage of existing gas infrastructure

11:35-11:55 Presentation by Frank MEINKE-HUBENY, VITO/Energyville

11:55-12:00 Statement by Heiko REESE, IG Metall

12:00-12:05 Statement by Professor Carlo MAPELLI, Politecnico di Milano

12:05-12:25 Q&A session

Chair: Tiemo WÖLKEN


Tiemo WÖLKEN, MEP and STOA Panel Member

Patrizia TOIA, MEP and STOA Panel Member

Interpretation: EN, DE, IT.

Lokacija: Brussels
Zadnja posodobitev: 01-03-2021

    Presentation of Gabriele Centi
    Presentation of Frank Meinke-Hubeny

25-02-2021 16:00 - ENVI-ITRE Hearing on enhancing production capacity and delivery of COVID-19 Vaccines

Predstavitev - ENVI ITRE
Vaccine against coronavirus

This joint hearing entitled "How to increase the capacity of COVID-19 vaccine production and improve delivery" will give ENVI and ITRE Members the opportunity to debate ways of removing obstacles to faster commercialisation, manufacturing and distribution of vaccines with CEOs of leading pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca, Moderna, CureVac and Novavax.

Več podrobnosti

Commissioners Breton and Kyriakides will also participate as will the Co-Director of the Global Health Centre in Geneva. Representatives from Johnson&Johnson, Pfizer and Sanofi have also confirmed their presence. The joint hearing will take place on Thursday 25 February, between 16:00 and 19:00.

Zadnja posodobitev: 23-02-2021

    Joint ITRE-ENVI Public Hearing "How to increase the capacity of COVID-19 vaccine production and improve delivery"

25-02-2021 14:15 - Joint Public Hearing ‘Plastics and waste management in the circular economy’

Predstavitev - PETI ENVI
display of plastic bottles in water and in waste

On 25 February 2021, the PETI and ENVI Committees held a joint public hearing on plastics and waste management in the circular economy. EU Citizens are very concerned with the impact of plastics on the environment and in particular with the end-of-life stage of plastics.

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The hearing looked into the implementation, pitfalls and loopholes in the current legislative framework as regards plastic waste management and also into new measures, which could be implemented in the framework of the New Circular Economy Action Plan to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

Zadnja posodobitev: 01-03-2021


25-02-2021 13:45 - The EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement

Predstavitev - INTA
EU-Mercosur agreement

On 25 February INTA will organise a hearing on the EU-Mercosur trade agreement. The EU and Latin America have strong historical and cultural links. The EU-Mercosur agreement can further reinforce the economic, trade and political relations between both continents as it is not only a free trade agreement but a broad association agreement with a key geostrategic and geopolitical dimension.

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In parallel, the agreement has also raised questions as regards its trade and sustainable development elements, for instance when it comes to the fight against deforestation and climate change.

During this public hearing, experts, stakeholders and decision-makers will discuss key elements of the trade part of the EU-Mercosur agreement, covering in particular its sustainability impact assessment and trade and sustainable development chapter, as well as its economic and social dimensions for businesses and workers.

Lokacija: European Parliament/Virtual
Zadnja posodobitev: 22-02-2021

    Final programme

25-02-2021 09:00 - Hearing on Long distance transports inside EU

Predstavitev - ANIT
Cows jumping out of a truck

On 25 February ANIT organises a public hearing to tackle the specific characteristics and challenges of implementation of Regulation 01/2005 in relation to long-distance transport of live animals within the European Union. The hearing will provide ANIT members with an overview of the duties and obligations of Member States’ competent authorities and the most commonly reported issues as well as best practices.

Več podrobnosti

6 experts have been invited and their presentations will be followed by an exchange of views with Members.

Lokacija: SPAAK 1A002
Zadnja posodobitev: 24-02-2021

    Hearing programme

Questions and Answers

      Questions and Answers Rob Doyle
      Questions and Answers Pierre Sultana
      Questions and Answers Daniele Tullio
      Questions and Answers Iris Baumgärtner
      Questions and Answers Antonio Velarde
      Questions and Answers Dutch Ministry of Agriculture

Experts' CV's

      CV Robert Doyle
      CV Pierre Sultana
      CV Daniele Tullio
      CV Hendrik-Jan Roest
      CV Iris Baumgärtner
      CV Antonio Velarde
      Annex to CV Antonio Velarde

Additional documents

      Factsheet LDT of lambs Baumgärtner
      Factsheet unweaned calves Baumgärtner
      Publication Animals ASL Bari Tullio


      Presentation Pierre Sultana
      Presentation Rob Doyle
      Presentation Antonio Velarde

24-02-2021 13:45 - The Cum-Ex/Cum-cum scandal

Predstavitev - FISC
Subcommittee on Tax Matters (FISC)

On 24 February 2021, FISC Subcommittee will address the tax scam that between 2002 and 2012 took 55 billion euros out of European Tax Authorities coffers known as “Cum-Ex/Cum-Cum”. Members of the FISC Subcommittee will learn from the investigations of Ms Olaya Argueso Perez, Editor in Chief at Correctiv about the mechanisms that were used by actors to request multiple refunds of withholding taxes and the recommendations and lessons to be learned from.

Več podrobnosti

In addition, Prof. Christoph Spengel, Professor of International Business Taxation at Mannheim University and Scientific Council of the German Federal Ministry of Finance will share with the Subcommittee on Tax Matters his point of view and propose technical solutions to stop the problem. What is more, Members will have the possibility to address the past and prospective role of ESMA within this framework thanks to the presence of Mr. Fabrizio Planta, Head of Markets and Data Reporting Department at ESMA.

Lokacija: József Antall 4Q1 and visio conference
Zadnja posodobitev: 25-02-2021

    Draft programme
    Poster of the hearing

Mr. Fabrizio Planta, Head of Markets and Data Reporting Department at ESMA


Ms. Olaya Argüeso Pérez, Editor in chief at Correctiv


Prof. Christoph Spengel, Professor of International Business Taxation (Mannhein University), Scientific Council of the German Federal Ministry of Finance


24-02-2021 13:45 - Abortion rights and Rule of Law in Poland

Predstavitev - FEMM LIBE
Attacks on abortion rights and breaches of the Rule of Law in Poland

On 24 February 2021, the LIBE and FEMM Committees will organise a joint hearing on "Attacks on abortion rights and breaches of the Rule of Law in Poland"

Več podrobnosti

This hearing will look into the impact of measures and attacks on women's sexual and reproductive health and rights in Poland, such as the right of access to health care, the right to privacy, the right to education and the prohibition of discrimination. The hearing will equally explore the link with the deteriorating rule of law situation in Poland, as highlighted in the Parliament's resolution of 26 November 2020 on the de facto ban on the right to abortion in Poland (2020/2876(RSP)).

A number of institutional actors and NGOs are invited to take part at this joint hearing.

Lokacija: ANTALL 2Q2 and with remote participation
Zadnja posodobitev: 24-02-2021

    Final programme


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