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European Maritime Single Window

Briefing 14-05-2018

Reporting formalities for ships arriving in and/or departing from ports of the Member States are currently set out in Directive 2010/65/EU – the Reporting Formalities Directive (RFD). The directive aims to simplify and harmonise administrative procedures in maritime transport by introducing a single window for reporting formalities for ships. The European Commission's ex-post evaluation of the functioning of the directive showed that, eight years after its adoption, several serious problems are hampering ...

Road traffic and safety provisions

Kratki vodnik po EU 01-11-2017

The EU set itself the goal of creating a European road safety area in the decade spanning 2010-2020. Competence in this field is principally national. The EU is therefore focusing its measures on vehicle conditions, the transport of dangerous goods and the safety of road networks.

Jedrska energija

Kratki vodnik po EU 01-11-2017

Jedrske elektrarne trenutno proizvedejo približno eno tretjino električne energije in 14 % energije, ki se porabi v EU. Jedrska energija je nizkoogljična alternativa fosilnim gorivom in pomembna sestavina mešanice energetskih virov številnih držav članic, vendar je po nesreči v Černobilu leta 1986 in katastrofi v Fukušimi na Japonskem leta 2011 postala zelo sporna. Po odločitvi Nemčije, da bo jedrsko energijo do leta 2020 postopoma odpravila, in po začasnem zaprtju dveh belgijskih reaktorjev, potem ...

This note seeks to provide an initial analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the European Commission's Impact Assessment (IA) accompanying the proposal for a Council Regulation establishing a Community system for registration of carriers of radioactive materials.

These proceedings summarise the presentations and discussions at the Workshop on the proposed Seveso III Directive, held on 13 April 2011. The aim of the workshop was to allow an exchange of views between the European Commission, MEPs and stakeholders. Topics for discussion included the impacts on the scope resulting from the alignment with the CLP Regulation, informational requirements and proposed obligatory inspection intervals. The workshop was chaired by MEP János Áder, rapporteur for the Seveso ...

A survey of safety at sea within the framework of the international conventions and the powers of EC and States.