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The aim of this study is to illustrate the different ways in which the current EU legislative framework may be affected by the digitisation and automation of farming activities and the respective technological trends. The study analyses the issues that might have to be dealt with, identifying the European Parliament committees concerned and the legislative acts that might need to be revisited, especially in view of the forthcoming Commission communication on the future of the Common Agricultural ...

The CAP and job creation in rural areas

Kort sammanfattning 19-10-2016

Many of the EU's rural areas are facing serious economic and demographic challenges, and the number of farmers has decreased drastically over the last few decades. As discussions have already begun on possible ways to reform the current common agricultural policy (CAP), an own-initiative report on the policy's role in creating jobs in rural areas is due to be debated and voted at the European Parliament's second October plenary session.

Precision Agriculture (PA) is a whole-farm management approach using information technology, satellite positioning (GNSS) data, remote sensing and proximal data gathering. These technologies have the goal of optimising returns on inputs whilst potentially reducing environmental impacts. The state-of-the-art of PA on arable land, permanent crops and within dairy farming are reviewed, mainly in the European context, together with some economic aspects of the adoption of PA. Options to address PA adoption ...