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Gender balance on company boards

Kort sammanfattning 14-11-2013

Although the number of women on company boards is growing, they remain under-represented. Whether greater gender balance is needed and how that could be reached remains controversial. The Commission has proposed to set, at EU level, a minimum quota of women among non-executive board members.

Although the number of women in the workforce has never been higher, they remain relatively underrepresented in leadership positions. In this note we discuss three ways in which the workplace experiences of women differ from those of men and how these can negatively affect women’s experiences in, and attainment of, leadership positions.

The majority of the EU Member States does not have a legislation imposing a gender quota in corporate boards and top-management. The following notes present the main characteristics of the national situations regarding the gender balance in top management positions and corporate board diversity in three of these Member States: UK, Germany and Hungary. They analyse the corporate governance policy and the obstacles to a better gender diversity.