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Publicerat 18-06-2013

The strike of oil workers in western Kazakhstan had continued for six months before being violently put down by authorities. At least 17 demonstrators were killed in the clashes. Charged with attempting to overthrow the government, Vladimir Kozlov was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison and his property was confiscated. Several international NGOs observed violations of due process in his trial. Governments and nongovernmental organisations have expressed reservations about Kozlov's prosecution ...

Some transformations occurred in the area of private property ownership following the change of political regime in former socialist or communist countries. The six analysed countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia) illustrate well the whole range of contentious problems in a region where the Communist regimes have varied tremendously in their approach to private property, intensity of social control, repression and overall legitimacy. This diversity of situations ...

Publicerat 10-04-2012

Russia is a major source of and destination for migration, involving a considerable number of people. It has mainly attracted migrants from other countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States. Economic development and the ensuing need for workers, as well as demographic problems, have led to important policy changes in Russia. The country seems to have been moving towards a more "open" migration policy.