Parliaments able to save time thanks to free EP tool for managing legislative amendments

A handy tool for managing amendments to legislative proposals is being offered to national parliaments free of charge by the European Parliament. Its technical team has created a special tool for managing all files in just one window of the internet browser. AT4AM - short for Authoring Tool for Amendments - makes it easier and quicker to table amendments. A generic open-source version is now being made available to other parliaments.

A pile of documents in the plenary Chamber
Too many amendments? We can help with that!

Since its launch in 2010, AT4AM has been used to table more than 250,000 amendments in the EP. "Due to this great success  in the EP it was a logical consequence to release the source code and make it available to national parliaments in order to share a modern instrument for drafting activity with a minimal investment," said vice-president Rainer Wieland, a German member of the EPP group.

AT4AM is a web-editor that enables users to file, draft and edit  amendments with only one click in a single browser window. All corrections, mentions and edits are automatically added to the original document, without any need to copy data or work on several files at the same time.