Election countdown: how your vote for Parliament will decide the new Commission

Voters will elect the new European Parliament on 22-25 May and by doing this, also indicate who they want as the new president of the European Commission. Because of new rules, voters have more power than ever before. The EP's constitutional affairs committee voted on 11 February on a report on the link between the elections and the selection of the commissioners and their president. Check out our infographic to learn more.

Infographic on election new Commission president
Find out how the new European Commission will be elected in our infographic

The European Elections take place between 22-25 May, depending on the election rules of each member state. Dutch and British voters will be the first to cast their vote on 22 May. The Irish will have their chance a day later on 23 May.

The member states represented in the European Council must take the result of the European elections into consideration when proposing their candidate for Commission President, who will not be able to enter office wihout having being formally elected by the Parliament. On 13 March MEPs adopted a resolution that stresses this point and also proposes that some of the commissioners are chosen from among the members of the newly-elected Parliament.