European Day of Languages: how many can you recognise?

The EU boasts 24 official languages and it has always sought to protect this linguistic diversity. Everyone has the right to communicate with the EU institutions in their own language and receive an answer in the same language. Since 2001 the European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year to promote language learning and highlight the importance of multilingualism. Try our quiz to find out how many languages you can recognise.

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Try our game to see how many EU languages you can recognise
Try our game to see how many EU languages you can recognise

As MEPs represent people in Europe, it's especially important that they are able to communicate in their own language. The Parliament's translation and interpretation services play a vital role in making this possible. Every month thousands of pages are translated, while during every plenary session 800-1000 interpreters provide simultaneous interpretation from and into all of the EU's official languages.

The Parliament's website is also available in all 24 official EU languages and there are at least two Twitter accounts for every language: one operated from Brussels and the other from the Parliament’s information office in each country (although some countries have more than one information office).

Now play our language game to find out how "European Parliament” is written in different languages.