Facts and figures: the European Parliament's new term

What is the new European Parliament like? Find out about the MEPs who will be working for you over the next five years.

Discover some of the facts on the new Parliament

Lots of new faces, younger MEPs and more women

After the highest turnout in 20 years at the European elections, the 9th European Parliament was officially constituted at the first plenary session in Strasbourg in July.

The opening session saw many new faces, as 61% of the MEPs are new to the Parliament.

There are more women than ever, accounting for 41% of MEPs, up from 36.5% at the end of the previous term.

The average age of an MEP is 49.5, down from 53 five years ago. The youngest MEP is a 21-year-old  from Denmark, who is the youngest person ever to sit in the European Parliament. The oldest MEP is an 82-year-old Italian.

In total 751 MEPs were elected from 190 national political parties in 28 EU countries. Once in the European Parliament, they align according to political priorities. The new Parliament is composed of seven political groups, one less than the previous legislature.

9th legislature of the European Parliament

Re-elected MEPs


New MEPs


Female MEPs


Male MEPs


Youngest MEP

21 (Greens/EFA, Denmark)

Oldest MEP

82 (EPP, Italy)

Average age of MEPs


Political groups