Five ways the EU protects you when you shop online (video)

As more of us turn to online shopping, watch our video to discover five ways the EU makes e-commerce safer for everyone.

Thanks to the digital single market, online shopping has become much safer and easier.

Key rights

You can now shop online for goods or services from any EU country. Retailers can no longer redirect you to a local store with different prices and products, a practice known as geo-blocking. The regulation putting an end to unjustified geo-blocking was approved by MEPs and entered into force on 3 December 2018.

In addition, online sellers must make all costs clear from the start - no more nasty surprises at checkout. They must provide clear information about the total price, including all taxes and additional charges. If there are additional fees for services such as express delivery or travel insurance, you cannot be charged for them unless you actively select them. You also cannot be charged extra for using your credit or debit card.

Right to return or cancel

You have 14 days to return an order you made online for any reason and still get a refund. There are some exceptions, such as train and plane tickets, concert tickets or hotel bookings. You must also inform the trader that you want to cancel the purchase.

You also have the right to cancel an order if it is not delivered at the agreed time or within 30 days and receive a refund.

Two-year guarantee

All goods bought in EU countries as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are covered by a minimum two-year guarantee. National rules may provide extra protection and a trader may also offer an additional guarantee, but this does not replace or reduce the two-year guarantee.

If the product you bought was damaged during delivery, is faulty or does not look or work as advertised, the seller is obliged to repair or replace it free of charge or give you a price reduction or a full refund. The guarantee also covers second-hand goods bought from a trader, but not from private individuals.

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