State of the EU debate: how to follow and get involved

Find out how to follow the State of the Union debate on 16 September, looking at what the EU has done recently and what still needs to be done.

Follow the State of the European Union on 16 September

What is the State of the European Union debate?

The State of the European Union debate takes place every September when the president of the European Commission comes to the European Parliament to discuss with MEPs what the Commission has done over the past year, what it intends to do in the coming year and its vision for the future. This year will be the first State of the EU address by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen .

This is an opportunity for Parliament, the EU’s only directly-elected institution, to hold the European Commission to account.

Why is the 2020 State of the EU debate important?

This year the EU has been fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and working to relaunch the economy in its wake. The debate is a chance to review what worked and what needs to be improved, as well as an opportunity to discuss what the EU is planning next.

It also comes at a moment when the EU institutions are negotiating the next long-term budget, which will shape the EU for years to come.

How to follow and take part

The debate will be streamed live online on our website on 16 September from 9.00 CET. Interpretation will be available in different official EU languages. Simply select the language of your choice. The Parliament and the Commission will also be streaming it on Facebook.

Join the debate on social media. Using the hashtags #SOTEU and #StrongerTogetherEU you can join the discussion on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

Find photos and videos in Parliament’s multimedia centre.

Discover what MEPs say about the State of the European Union on their social media channels on EP Newshub.

Participate in events ahead of the State of the European Union debate

This year events will be organised all over the EU, from Athens to Zagreb, to tie in with the debate. To find out what’s happening near you, get in touch with a European Parliament liaison office in your country.

Don’t miss the two-hour live programme on the State of the European Union with leading MEPs on 15 September . Interpretation will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish. Follow live on our Facebook page.