Coming up: Covid-19, gender-based violence, animal welfare

Covid-19, migration, gender-based cyber-violence and the protection of animals during transport are on Parliament's agenda this week.

Parliament building in Brussels
MEPs have another busy week ahead of them



Emer Cooke, the Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency, will discuss the latest Covid-19 vaccination developments as well as the general situation regarding the pandemic with members of the environment and public health committee on Tuesday.

Combating gender-based violence

The women’s rights and civil liberties committees are set to call for a common definition of the crime of gender-based cyber-violence and new preventative measures on Tuesday.

They will also participate in an event on eliminating violence against women. It will include discussions about the Istanbul Convention, which aims to tackle violence against women, and cyber violence. Watch live via the Parliament's multimedia centre.


On Tuesday, the civil liberties committee will also begin work on new procedures at the EU's borders to determine whether an asylum-seeker should be refused entry, returned, or referred to the EU’s asylum system; as well as a new instrument to tackle migration crises in EU countries.

Animal welfare

On Thursday, the inquiry committee looking into the protection of animals during transport will adopt its findings on violations of EU rules on the protection of animals during transport in and outside the EU and vote on recommendations to improve the rules.

Common charger

MEPs from the internal market committee will start work on rules for a common charger for electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras and tablets on Wednesday.


Death penalty

On the occasion of Cities against the Death Penalty on 30 November, the European Parliament will be lit up in blue. Parliament strongly opposes capital punishment and pushes for its worldwide abolition.

Tribute to Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

On Thursday, marking the first anniversary of his death, Parliament will pay tribute in Strasbourg to former French President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, who also served as an MEP and chaired the European convention that led to the Treaty of Lisbon. Parliament President David Sassoli will open the ceremony, which will also be attended by France’s President Emmanuel Macron.