LUX Audience Award 2023: the five finalists

Discover the nominees for the 2023 LUX Audience Award.

Discover the nominees of the LUX Audience Award 2023

The nominated films were announced during the European Film Awards ceremony in Reykjavík.

Organised by the European Parliament and the European Film Academy in partnership with the European Commission and Europa Cinema, the LUX Audience Award combines the ratings of the European public with the ratings of MEPs in one of the largest film juries in Europe.

This year’s nominees offer an eclectic mix of themes, approaches and visual thrills. The five films are co-produced by more than 10 countries, further displaying European cultural richness.

Many reasons for participating

There are several reasons to be excited about the 2023 edition of the LUX Audience Award:

  • There are five films to choose from, instead of the previous three, providing more diversity and more options
  • They will be subtitled into all of the EU's 24 official languages
  • You don’t have to watch them all: you can rate any of the films on a brand new rating platform
  • The extended rating period is open until 12 June 2023

The nominees


The Solé family spends every summer tending their orchard in Alcarràs, a small village in Catalonia. But this year’s crop may well be their last. New plans for the land - cutting down the peach trees and installing solar panels - cause a rift in this large, tight-knit family.

Directed by Carla Simón

Produced by Spain and Italy

Burning Days

Emre, a young prosecutor, is appointed to a small town struggling with a water crisis and political scandals. After several tense interactions, he is dragged into local politics. When Emre bonds with the local newspaper’s owner, the rumours ramp up pressures on him.

Directed by Emin Alper

Produced by Turkey, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Croatia


The friendship between two 13-year-old boys, Leo and Remi, is suddenly disrupted. Struggling to understand what has happened, Leo approaches Sophie, Remi's mother. “Close” is a film about friendship and responsibility.

Directed by Lukas Dhont

Produced by Belgium, France and the Netherlands

Triangle of Sadness

An uninhibited satire on roles, class and the economic value of beauty. Models Carl and Yaya join an instagrammable luxury cruise along with super-rich passengers - a Russian oligarch, British arms dealers - and a rogue, Marxist captain. What can go wrong?

Directed by Ruben Östlund

Produced by Sweden, Germany, France and the UK


A musical, romantic comedy in which Alfredo, the crown prince of Portugal, gives a deathbed account of his time as a fireman, where he falls in love with instructor, Alfonso.

Directed by João Pedro Rodrigues

Produced by Portugal and France

Show your love for European films

Few things express European diversity, creativity and vitality more than cinema, so why not dive into the films shortlisted for the 2023 LUX Audience Award.

Watch and rate your favourite film by 12 June and you could win a trip to the award ceremony on 27 June at the European Parliament in Brussels.