Lithuania’s President Nausėda: Ukraine's fight is also our fight

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda urged the EU to continue supporting Ukraine in its fight for freedom and to keep its doors open to Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

This is Europe - Debate with the President of Lithuania, Gitanas Nausėda
Gitanas Nausėda during his speech at the Parliament

Addressing MEPs in Strasbourg as part of the This is Europe debates on 14 March 2023, Nausėda shared his country’s experience towards independence and the path to the EU, which in a way resembles Ukraine’s current fight for freedom. He highlighted Lithuania’s massive public support for Ukraine and that his country donates almost 1.5% of its GDP to Ukraine.

President Nausėda thanked the European Parliament for its continued stand against Soviet occupation and its active leadership in helping Ukraine. “I believe that today many European citizens understand that Ukraine's fight is also their fight,” he said. Russia’s crimes must be met with an appropriate response by setting up an international tribunal and frozen Russian assets must be used to rebuild Ukraine, he added.

“History shows that the most effective way to expand the area of peace, stability and prosperity in Europe has been and will be the enlargement of the EU,” Nausėda said. He called on the EU to keep its doors open to Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, and supported Parliament’s wish to start Ukraine’s accession negotiations this year.

He also commended the EU on overcoming Russia’s energy blackmail. “The winter came and finished without anyone freezing in Europe”, he said, stressing that there are still some lessons to be learned. He called for more investment in green energy and alternative sources and presented Lithuania as an example of a country that is independent of Russian gas, oil and electricity.

MEPs praised Lithuania for its leadership and exemplary support to Ukraine. For far too long politicians ignored alerts from their Baltic colleagues about Russia’s aggressive policy and now we have to pay the price, some MEPs said. They called for a strategy of sustainable peace that would see Putin’s Russia being defeated, European values expanded further east and Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia becoming part of the EU by the end of this decade.

Some MEPs stressed the need to fight attacks on the rule of law and media freedom not only outside the EU, but also inside it.

Commenting on EU energy independence, some MEPs called for more use of renewable resources and said it countries must avoid jumping from one energy supply dictatorship to another.