Buildings in Luxembourg, including three in which EP translators work

Vision and mission

The European Parliament produces translations of written documents in all 24 EU languages, enabling communication with its citizens in their mother tongue. Its in-house translation service is instrumental in this respect, meeting strict quality standards within the tight deadlines imposed by parliamentary procedures.

Our vision is about building bridges between different languages and cultures and promoting sustainable multilingualism as an essential component of the European democratic ideal.

We are an efficient and modern service providing high-quality translations of legislation in all EU languages. By directly enabling Parliament to pursue its policy of multilingualism, we play an integral role in protecting the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Union and in facilitating transparency, understanding and the exchange of views.

Over the past 60 years, we have successfully met the challenges implicit in our expansion from 4 languages to 24. We will continue to build on our collective excellence and experience in order to embrace the future proactively.
We will meet future challenges and adapt to further enlargements by streamlining demand and by adapting and harmonising our organisation and working methods. We invest in new skills, foster openness to innovation and build our capacity for change.

Our mission:

  • to make available in all official languages documents relating to Parliament's role as co-legislator and as one of the two arms of the budgetary authority, in order to ensure the legitimacy and transparency of the legislative and budgetary process of the European Union;
  • to enable the European Parliament to meet its commitment to the policy of multilingualism, designed to ensure the equal treatment of languages, which enables all citizens of the European Union to communicate with the institutions and access EU documents in their own language;
  • to ensure that these translation services are supplied as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Umberto Eco’s quotation ‘The language of Europe is translation’ with the European flag and some national flags in the background