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Welcome to the website of the European Parliament's United Kingdom Coordination Group (UKCG), which I have the honour to chair.

The Group monitors the ongoing negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom. At the end of the process, if the negotiating teams present an agreement on our future relations, the European Parliament will have the final word: "yes" or "no".

Building on the past

The European Parliament ratified the Withdrawal Agreement on 29 January 2020, just two days before the United Kingdom left the European Union.

The plenary session in which we voted was an emotional one. "Continental MEPs" bid our British colleagues farewell. Days after the vote, I found it sad to see the Union Jack being lowered from the buildings of the EU institutions after 47 years.

Despite that, I am certain that all our interests - those of the European Union and the United Kingdom, of our citizens - will be well served if we manage the transition and the future successfully. We must build on our common past to forge productive and amicable new relations.

How can we do this?

To contribute to this process, the Coordination Group holds regular meetings with the lead negotiator for the EU side, Mr Michel Barnier, and with members of his team, the Task Force for relations with the United Kingdom. Michel Barnier and his colleagues keep us up-to-date about their talks with the British side. The Coordination Group is particularly attentive to the issues we think will impact EU citizens and their jobs.

Another contributor to our Coordination Group is Mr Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-president of the European Commission and the EU Co-Chair of the EU-UK Joint Committee. The Joint Committee oversees the Withdrawal Agreement during this transition period - another issue that has important knock-on effects across the EU.

Based on these discussions, the European Parliament expresses its position through resolutions at key moments of the negotiations. The Coordination Group discussed Parliament's resolution on the European Commission's negotiation mandate. With contributions from Parliament's committees, the resolution was adopted on 12 February 2020.

Our committees are currently preparing the House's next resolution. The final text will be adopted before June 2020, when a High-Level Conference will bring together both sides to take stock of the negotiating process.

Where to learn more

This website provides more details about the UK Coordination Group and the different actors involved in the transition and negotiations. I hope that the site will give you a clearer understanding of the work of the European Parliament in building new EU-UK relations.

While the Parliament is not in the negotiating room, the Coordination Group ensures that Parliament's voice - which may be your voice - is also heard behind the room's closed doors.

- David McAllister, MEP