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24 July 2020

EU-UK future relationship

Statement of David McAllister (EPP, DE), Chair of the UK Coordination Group of the Parliament after the latest round of talks to settle the future relationship between the UK and the EU:

"More than a month after the High Level Meeting between European Parliament President David Sassoli, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Michel and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, we are concerned to see the poor progress on issues that both the UK and the EU identified as crucial: fair competition and fisheries."[...]

13 June 2020

EU-UK talks: MEPs united behind EU stance, rejecting UK cherry-picking

Foreign Affairs and Trade Committee MEPs reiterate their overwhelming support for the EU position in the talks between the European Union and the UK on their future relationship.

In a draft resolution, adopted ahead of the 15 June High Level Conference with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, European Council President Charles Michel and Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen and the participation of EP President David Sassoli to take stock of the achievements of the negotiations up to this point, MEPs regret that no real progress has been achieved so far and that the divergences remain substantial. [...]

5 June 2020

Tweet by David McAllister following meeting of UKCG

No significant progress has been made this week on EU-UK negotiations. Both sides have jointly agreed on the Political Declaration on future relations. The UK should urgently clarify whether they stand by the commitments made in the Political Declaration.

Less than five months remain to negotiate.

The @Europarl_EN will adopt a resolution on the current state of the negotiations in the coming plenary session on 17 and 18 June.

29 May 2020

Full support for the EU Chief Negotiator

''The EU-UK negotiations have so far yielded little progress. Instead, over the past few days, the EU was attacked over its insistence that the current negotiations must translate the Political Declaration, which Prime Minister Johnson personally negotiated last autumn, into a legal text. The UK Government would damage trust and would seriously undermine the negotiations if it were to renege on what it signed up to less than one year ago. The European Parliament will not consent to an agreement that departs from the Political Declaration.''

After a vote in the Committees of Foreign Affairs and International Trade on 12 June, the European Parliament will vote on a resolution at the 17-19 June plenary session to sum up its stance ahead of the milestone High-Level Conference with the UK.

15 May 2020

Tweets by David McAllister following meeting of UKCG

Unfortunately EU-UK talks this week did not make substantive progress. I am concerned about the lack of progress just a month before June's High Level Conference.

We need to see progress on all areas of the negotiations in parallel, including level-playing field, fisheries, internal security and governance. Selective progress on a limited set of issues is less sufficient.

On fisheries, the European Parliament insists on a mutually beneficial, comprehensive and sustainable framework that provides stability for jobs and investment.

Finally, carrying out the necessary measures for the correct implementation of the #WithdrawalAgreement, is essential for the trust and goodwill in future EU-UK relations.

8 May 2020

Tweet by David McAllister following meeting of UKCG

The clock is ticking: the EU is eager to discuss UK plans to put into practice its agreement with the EU & the concrete details of a future EU-UK partnership. EP stands united behind EU negotiators to make tangible progress by June.

24 April 2020

EU-UK negotiations: tangible results needed soon

Statement by David McAllister, Chair of the European Parliament UK Coordination Group, following the second round of negotiations on a new EU-UK partnership:

"Today, the European Commission and the UK government concluded the second round of negotiations on a new EU-UK partnership via videoconference. I am concerned to hear Michel Barnier expressing his disappointment about the British lack of engagement within four crucial areas of divergence, including level playing field provisions, fisheries, cooperation in the area of security and the overall governance of the partnership. At the same time, the UK negotiator again ruled out an extension of the transition period, which means that time is clearly of the essence, with the COVID-19 pandemic having already slowed down the pace of negotiations.

"Progress must be made in all these areas as well as in the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement by June. Only two negotiation rounds remain until then, and concrete results must be achieved, showing tangible progress in the next weeks."

16 April 2020

Tweets by David McAllister following meeting of UKCG

Today, #EP's UK Coordination Group met with #UKTF. #EP continues to believe that there is a strong, shared interest of #EU and #UK to agree on an ambitious, comprehensive new partnership governing their future relations.

Pleased to hear that negotiations will now resume with the next round to take place as of 20 April via videoconference. #UKCG and #EP committees will continue to follow these negotiation rounds closely.

31 March 2020

Tweet by David McAllister following meeting of UKCG

Today UKCG exchanged views with #EC VP @MarosSefcovic on 1st EU-UK #JointCommittee on implementation of the #WithdrawalAgreement. Implementation in full remains a priority, incl the protocol on the Island of Ireland. #EP will ensure the necessary parliamentary scrutiny.

27 March 2020

For a comprehensive agreement with the UK

Following a remote meeting on Friday with members of the Commission's UK Task Force Team, the head of the EP UK Coordination Group David McAllister made the following statement:

"Last week, the European Union and the UK government exchanged draft legal texts covering their respective visions of our future relationship. The EU's text is fully based on the Political Declaration, while that of the UK seems to cover only some elements." [...]

19 March 2020

Future EU-UK relations: EU is offering ‘cooperation of an unprecedented nature’

Statement by David McAllister, Chair of the European Parliament's UK Coordination Group, on the publication of a draft legal agreement on the future EU-UK partnership:

"I welcome the fact that the European Commission has transmitted to the United Kingdom a draft agreement on a new partnership with the European Union that is closely aligned with the European Parliament's recommendations in its resolution adopted in February and the negotiating directives approved by EU member states on 25 February." [...]

2 March 2020

EU-UK future relations: crucial to ensure EU leverage and unity

Statement by David McAllister, Chair of Parliament's UK Coordination Group, following the start of EU-UK negotiations on a future partnership on Monday 2 March:

"With negotiations kicking off today, we are entering into a crucial phase that will set the tone for the future EU-UK relationship. The European Union is united; mutual trust and respect should prevail to ensure the best possible outcome for both parties. EU negotiator Michel Barnier and his team can count on the European Parliament's full support". [...]

12 February 2020

EU-UK future relations: “level playing field” crucial to ensure fair competition

Parliament calls for a level playing field to be guaranteed through robust commitments, and "dynamic alignment" of EU-UK rules.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution providing MEPs' initial input to the upcoming negotiations with the British government on a new EU-UK partnership after the Brexit transition period. The text was adopted by 543 votes to 39, with 69 abstentions.

Parliament wants the association agreement with the UK to be as deep as possible, based on three main pillars: an economic partnership, a foreign affairs partnership and specific sectoral issues. However, a non-EU country cannot enjoy the same rights as a member state and the integrity of the Single Market and the Customs Union must be preserved at all times say MEPs. [...]