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EP Strasbourg building
EP Strasbourg building

Roaming and Streaming Online

From 15 June 2017, all citizens can use their phone in any EU country and pay what they would pay at home. All extra roaming charges cease to exist.


Why should it cost extra to call friends and family from another EU country? As of June 2017, roaming surcharges are abolished in Europe. The European Parliament has fought for this ban by consistently capping charges since 2007. Now you can call, text or surf from anywhere in the EU for the same price as at home.
The European Parliament welcomed the idea and fought hard to ensure that the time spent by a user abroad is not limited to a specific duration, but is based on the generous principle of fair use. This means that as long as you spend more time using your phone at home than you do in another EU country, you will be able to “roam like at home".

The fight to abolish surcharges abroad
End of roaming charges in the EU: Joint statement by 3 EU institutions

Watching online films and TV while abroad

EU citizens with subscriptions for online films and TV are now able to access their content while temporarily in another EU country.

Citizens visiting another EU country are often prevented from accessing online content such as films, TV series, music, games, or sporting events, which they have paid for in their home country.
The new rules removed restrictions so that EU citizens can use online services such as Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Deezer while in another EU country for holidays, studies or business.

Cross-border portability of online content