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  • Calton Hill - Ad Meskens
  • Calton Hill - Ad Meskens
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  • Glasgow - Jonathan
  • Eilan Donan Castle - Diliff

European Parliament Liaison Office in Edinburgh


The European Parliament Office in Edinburgh aims to increase awareness of the Parliament and the impact of its activities in Scotland;

• provides information on the European Parliament's work to the public;
• promotes public awareness of the European Parliament's role in the formulation, adoption and oversight of European Union policies;
• promotes inter-parliamentary contacts between the EU and the Scottish Parliament;
• facilitates contact between the European Union and the Scottish Government;
• co-operates with the Scottish media on coverage of the European Union;
• informs and cooperates with civic society in Scotland: local government, non-governmental organisations, education sector, representative institutions, business;
• assists and advises the European Parliament and its UK Office in matters relating to Scotland.


We would like to pay homage to the Members of the European Parliament who were elected to represent Scotland from 1979 - 2020. Thank you for your service.