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Homeless World Cup


The Homeless World Cup took place in Edinburgh and was promoted by the European Parliament Information Office and the Scottish Parliament.

Homeless teams from Scotland, as well as a team of MSPs, played in true Homeless World Cup style! The demonstration games were part of a three-day visit of players and partners from The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, and Northern Ireland who shared their experience in fighting homelessness.

The event aimed to promote the work of the Homeless World Cup internationally, especially in Europe, where it counts 34 partners. The Homeless World Cup coordinates the work of its 70 national partners by providing support and guidance in football and management skills, to help grow and develop sustainable programmes which have a positive impact on the lives of homeless and excluded people across the world.

Learn more about the Homeless World Cup here;

Photographs below courtesy of Yutsil Hoyo Diaz Martinez.