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Ivybridge Community College student reviews her Euroscola experience


Iona Robinson, a Year 12 student from Ivybridge Community College, reviews her Euroscola experience below after winning a competition organised by Devonport High School for Girls. Iona, along with other students form schools across the South West of the UK, competed and participated in the Euroscola day along with other students and teachers from other EU Member States in Strasbourg in November 2017.


Euroscola was an incredible and unforgettable experience. It was a great privilege to be able to gain access to the European Parliament and develop my political views through discussions and debates with other young people of my age from all over Europe.

To begin with, I hardly knew anything about politics in my own country, let alone in the European Union; however, through studying and preparing for Euroscola, I developed a much broader knowledge and deepened an interest as to how Europe is governed.

What also fascinated me was how so many different nationalities could be gathered in one room, all enjoying debating controversial topics, united by one language. It not only inspired me to treasure my own language and culture more, but also to work harder at learning foreign languages and to become more involved with the future of my country.

To say “I will never forget this experience” would be true, but it is more than that. I will not only hold positive memories of Euroscola; I have been transformed into a more positive, motivated young person who has a lot more to offer in the world of work than before. And I am thrilled by the future that now lies before me.