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Educational Resources

This resource provides teachers with the knowledge and methodology to give students an insight into how the EU works and how the decisions it takes affect them as individuals and the UK outside the EU. It aims to encourage informed debate on the EU and the European Parliament, on the basis of knowledge, impartial information and facts. These materials seek to generate interest among students in the role the EU plays as a political, economic and geopolitical actor.

Each of the six lesson plans looks at a different key theme. Teachers can select individual lesson plans or can make use of the full resource covering democracy; environment; everyday life; geography;
rights, obligations and benefits; and shared culture.

The resource is specifically written for teachers of age 16-18 students, working in all parts of the UK. It is designed to enhance student learning, offering accessible, engaging and imaginative lesson plans with a wide range of curriculum links. We hope the resource may also be of interest to other teachers of students of all ages.

Everyone is welcome to draw on this resource freely, to adapt it and use it for all learners.


Lesson plans