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Results of the 2014 European Parliament elections in the UK

The new UK MEPs elected in May 2014 are listed here. They will take up their seats on 1st July 2014. European elections were held in all EU member states Member States in the period 22nd - 25th May 2014. In the UK they were on 22nd May. Turnout in the UK was 35.4% which was up from 34.5% in 2009.

EP elections 2014
EP elections 2014

The UK elects 73 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). For these elections it is divided into twelve regions (Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and 9 in England). Each region has between three and ten MEPs, according to its population. All MEPs in each region represent all constituents in it.

MEPs elected in 2009 stay in place until 1st July 2014, when the newly elected MEPs take office.

Those names hyperlinked in blue are re-elected MEPs from the 2009-14 term.

European results

The European Elections - House of Commons Library Research Paper

The House of Commons Library provides research, analysis and information services for MPs and their staff. Here is their 58-page document summarising the 2014 European elections in the UK and other EU member states which includes analysis of turnout, share of vote, number of seats won by party. Published on 11th June 2014.

European Parliament Elections 2014 - Commons Library Research Paper - UK Parliament

Eastern Region

1. Patrick James O'FLYNN (UKIP)
2. Vicky FORD (Con)
3. Richard HOWITT (Lab)
4. Stuart AGNEW (UKIP)
5. Geoffrey VAN ORDEN (Con)
6. Tim Mark AKER (UKIP)

Chelmsford City Council, for Eastern Region results
Outgoing Eastern Region MEPs

East Midlands Region

1. Roger HELMER (UKIP)
2. Emma MCCLARKIN (Con)
3. Glenis WILLMOTT (Lab)
4. Margaret Lucille Jeanne PARKER (UKIP)
5. Andrew Iain LEWER (Con)

Kettering Council - for East Midlands regional results
Outgoing East Midlands MEPs

London Region

1. Claude MORAES (Lab)
2. Syed KAMALL (Con)
3. Mary HONEYBALL (Lab)
4. Gerard BATTEN (UKIP)
5. Lucy ANDERSON (Lab)
6. Charles TANNOCK (Con)
7. Seb DANCE (Lab)
8. Jean LAMBERT (Green)

Lewisham Council - for London regional results
Outgoing London MEPs

North East Region

2. Jonathan ARNOTT (UKIP)
3. Paul BRANNEN (Lab)

Sunderland Council - for North East region results
Outgoing North East Region MEPs

North West Region

1. Theresa Mary GRIFFIN (Lab)
3. Jacqueline FOSTER (Con)
4. Mohammed Afzal KHAN (Lab)
5. Louise BOURS (UKIP)
6. Julie Carolyn WARD (Lab)
7. Sajjad KARIM (Con)
8. Steven Marcus WOOLFE (UKIP)

North West Regional Returning Officer
Outgoing North West Region MEPs

Northern Ireland

1. Martina ANDERSON (Sinn Féin)
2. Diane DODDS (DUP)

The electoral office for Northern Ireland
Outgoing Northern Ireland MEPs


2. David MARTIN (Lab)
3. Ian DUNCAN (Con)
4. Alyn SMITH (SNP)
5. Catherine STIHLER (Lab)
6. David COBURN (UKIP)

Edinburgh Council - for Scottish results
Outgoing Scotland MEPs

South East Region

1. Nigel FARAGE (UKIP)
2. Daniel HANNAN (Con)
3. Janice Ann ATKINSON (UKIP)
4. Nirj DEVA (Con)
5. Anneliese Jane DODDS (Lab)
6. Diane Martine JAMES (UKIP)
7. Richard ASHWORTH (Con)
8. Keith TAYLOR (Green)
9. Catherine BEARDER (Lib Dem)
10. Ray FINCH (UKIP)

Southampton Council for South East results
Outgoing South East Region MEPs

South West Region

1. William (The Earl of) DARTMOUTH (UKIP)
2. Ashley FOX (Con)
3. Julia REID (UKIP)
4. Julie GIRLING (Con)
5. Claire Miranda MOODY (Lab)
6. Molly SCOTT CATO (Green)

South West Regional Returning Officer
Outgoing South West Region MEPs


1. Derek VAUGHAN (Lab)
2. Nathan Lee GILL (UKIP)
3. Dr Kay SWINBURNE (Con)
4. Jill EVANS (Plaid Cymru)

Wales Regional Returning Officer
Outgoing Wales MEPs

West Midlands Region

2. Neena GILL (Lab)
3. Philip BRADBOURN (Con)
5. Sion Llewelyn SIMON (Lab)
6. Anthea MCINTYRE (Con)

West Midlands Regional Returning Officer
Outgoing West Midlands Region MEPs

Yorkshire and the Humber Region

1. Jane Maria COLLINS (UKIP)
2. Linda MCAVAN (Lab)
3. Timothy KIRKHOPE (Con)
4. Amjad Mahmood BASHIR (UKIP)
5. Richard CORBETT (Lab)

Regional Returning Officer
Outgoing Yorkshire and Humber Region MEPs