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The European Elections in 1989

The third direct elections saw Labour top the poll with 39% of the vote, gaining 13 seats at the Conservative's expense. While Labour jumped to 45 seats, the Conservatives fell to 32. The 1989 elections also saw a spectacular outcome for the Green Party which took over 14.5 per cent of the overall vote, though the first-past-the post system denied them any seats.

In Northern Ireland, Ian Paisley topped the poll with 29.6% of the vote, with John Hume in second place with 25.2%. Jim Nicholson took the third seat for the Official Unionist Party with 22% of the vote. Provisional Sinn Fein's share of the vote fell to 9.1%.

Table of Results: United Kingdom

Table of Results: United Kingdom
��Party Votes % of poll MEPs
SDP - Liberal Alliance986,2926.2-
Scottish National Party406,6862.61
Plaid Cymru115,0620.7-
Democratic Unionist160,111.01
Total Electorate: 43,710,568  
Votes: 15,827,417  
Turnout (UK): 36.2 %  
Table of 1989 Results: United Kingdom Table of 1989 EP election results: United Kingdom