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Webinar “The final hurdle: Will the European Parliament consent to the Brexit trade deal?” - 23/11/2020

Monday, 23rd November 2020

As the Brexit marathon enters (what may be) its final furlong, the decisive role of the European Parliament in its conclusion is often overlooked. Far from a nicety, EP "consent" is a legal requirement (and so constitutes an effective veto to any trade deal with the UK being ratified). The leaders of Parliament's main political groups have been clear about the conditions they feel must be met in order to give their green light.

Ttwo rapporteurs covering the negotiations on a new partnership with the UK, Kati Piri and Christophe Hansen, as they guided us through the institution's assessment of the state of play and whether and how any agreement will be signed off.



Kati PIRI MEP (Netherlands)
Committee on Foreign Affairs
European Parliament


Christophe HANSEN MEP (Luxembourg)
Committee on International Trade
European Parliament



Political and Brexit editor
The Economist