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The lights are on but someone is home

A recent article on the Daily Express website may have left you believing that the European Parliament is not only "deserted" in the summer but also has the cheek to leave the lights on “burning money”.

This isn't true.

Like millions of Europeans, a number of MEPs and staff take holidays in the summer but work continues at the European Parliament. The buildings are certainly not empty. MEPs, staff and visitors use the Altiero Spinelli building which is pictured in the article. The main common areas of the building are lit in order to ensure safety of the people using them.

For any closed buildings, our policy is to ensure all lights in the public areas are switched off, except for the entrance halls where they're kept on for security reasons - to allow for CCTV monitoring and thus deter potential malicious behaviour.

The European Parliament is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has made great strides towards better energy efficiency. Many of the lights have already been changed to much more efficient fluorescent and LED bulbs. What’s more - whenever building renovation takes place we strive to modernise our lighting system to bring us closer to the aim of becoming the first carbon-neutral EU institution.

You can find out more about our environmental management on our main website.