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Daily Express: Shelve this £1.6m EU history lesson

What's the real story?

The Daily Express claims today (16 July 2013) the EU is to spend thousands of pounds on a "giant set of shelves" for European House of History.

A quick reality-check, here are the facts:

  • Following an open call for tender, the European Parliament commissioned a design for a permanent exhibition of the House of European History in Brussels. The call for tender was launched for the entire design of the exhibition. The price mentioned by the Daily Express can in no way be interpreted as the price for a single element of the entire exhibition.
  • The pricetag includes: design of the museum exhibition, on the basis of a master plan for the permanent exhibition design; project management, including coordination, cost control and time management of the design phase; assistance in preparing tender documents in view of the production and installation phase; supervision of the production of all elements for the museum exhibition and of the installation of the exhibition, including testing and acceptance.
  • The central shelf is just one of many proposals put forward by individual contestants participating in the tender which are being considered. Moreover, it is unlikely the central shelf will remain an element in the final project.

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