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Tabloids score own-goal with EU flag story

Despite the reports in a couple of tabloids today, the European Union is not demanding its flag to be displayed at sporting events.

It is heart-warming to see the Daily Mail and the Daily Express ascribing so much power to European Parliament committees, but we must disappoint: not only is the reported document non-binding, but also it does not demand anything from national sporting teams. In fact, the European Union is not empowered to adopt legislation on sport policy at all.

The draft resolution, which the papers frame as a diktat from Brussels ‘eurocrats’ simply states that the European Parliament “encourages that national Olympic committees and sport federations of the Member States to adopt and use the EU flag and symbol, together with individual flags and national symbols, on the occasion of international sport events”.

If we may, we recommend certain tabloids keep their eyes on the ball, steer away from speculation and stick to the facts next time.

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