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Breaking: public institution provides public information


A couple of weekend papers claimed that the European Parliament has signed a contract which will help fund "propaganda" on Brexit for broadcasters in the U.K.



First, the document the articles refer to is a call for tender and not a contract.

Second, we have a duty to raise public awareness of what the directly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) do. The European Parliament will, after all, have the final say over the deal to be negotiated between the UK and the EU .

Third, the project gives UK broadcasters a chance to include reporting on European Parliament affairs (yes, Brexit is one of them) if they wish. Not only will the contractor providing the AV material have full editorial independence, but the use made of it is entirely demand-driven from regional media outlets.

The initiative is appreciated by the vast majority of MEPs across the political spectrum, which strongly suggests political balance.



Additional information

Visit our Brexit webpage to find out more about the role of the European Parliament in the Brexit process.