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Why should we care about Europe in the East of England?

Saturday, 21st September 2019, Norwich

This is your day. A unique opportunity to tell us what matters about living and working in Norfolk, Suffolk or the East of England, and why you care about being part of Europe.

What you say will shape how the event is run and will form the basis of a strategic plan for Norfolk and the East of England more widely. The aim is to stimulate action and develop an awareness within our local communities of how Europe benefits the East of England in towns and villages, not just big cities.

We hear a lot from the usual suspects.  Those who bang on about the “Single Market”, “The European Medicines Agency” and “Euratom” and how freedom of movement is so beneficial for all of us. People who ardently support being part of the European Union, but can’t explain in everyday language how being part of Europe benefits them on a daily basis. And also benefits you.  We want to hear what matters to you about where you live and where you work.

Are you passionate about supporting local markets instead of big supermarkets? Do you enjoy a walk at the Broads looking out for rare birds? Are you interested in Norfolk’s historic railways?  Do you think its important young people get help starting out on a career and people from disadvantaged backgrounds get tailored support to gain and sustain employment? Do you think rural businesses and farms should get help to diversify or small family firms receive free advice on how to grow and develop? Do you love art and culture and want more opportunities for creative jobs and growth locally? Are you passionate about climate change, and want better environmental protections and businesses to work in more sustainable eco-friendly ways? Should your area get support to be the home of innovation, creating more jobs? Is it a surprise that European investment has contributed to all these aspects and more?

How does being in Europe make your life easier, better and more rewarding? This event is designed for people who can tell us about their work, their family, their friends and neighbours, their passions, their local community, and how being part of Europe has made a significant difference in one or more of these areas. We want people to realise these benefits, but crucially to also be empowered to communicate them in a way that will enable other people to form their own positive links with Europe.

The day will follow the dynamic format of Open Space Technology, facilitated by Improbable, internationally renowned as one of the UK’s most experienced Open Space Technology facilitators. Open Space is a great way for groups to think, talk and take action together, and you can find out more about how the event will be run below.

Feel free to bring a friend. You set the agenda, nothing is censored, every voice gets heard.

Tickets are free (lunch and refreshments will be provided) but please book your place via registration form.

Please share this invitation with pro European people you know and book fast as places are limited.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Norfolk for Europe to bring the Together EU campaign to you

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