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Forthcoming Events

We regularly host free events that are open to the public. Join us online to listen and engage on a range of issues relating to the European Parliament in the UK context.

Important notice:

We regret to announce that, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, no previously announced or future events can be held on our premises until further notice.
President David Sassoli has ruled that the only responsible course of action for our institution, which constantly receives visitors travelling from across the EU and beyond, is not to allow any public gatherings to take place in any EP buildings, including Europe House, London.
Once the situation has resolved itself, we will of course resume our programme of events and exhibitions. But meantime, WE GO ONLINE.
Thank you for your understanding.



The European Parliament Liaison Office in London will organise, with the support of the House of Lords, a discussion on the theme of “Being Black and European”, recognising the contribution of Black Europeans to public life and a reflection on whether 2020 marks a turning point in the fight for equality.
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Educational Visits

Europe House, London


Free educational sessions at Europe House. Specially designed to be interactive, politically neutral and suitable for 14-18 year olds at schools and colleges, including those studying for GCSE, A-Level and BTEC qualifications. They are completely free of charge. You can also request a session to be held at your school or college.

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What's on

Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London


The headquarters of the European Parliament and the European External Action Service in London hosts regular exhibitions that are open to the public. Please visit the 12 Star Gallery website to find out about the exhibitions coming up in Europe House.

12 Star Gallery