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An army of inaccuracies - Express Online on European Defence Union

Reading the Express Online you might be forgiven for believing that the European Parliament will vote this week on the creation of an EU army, to be paid for by the British taxpayer. And you would be wrong, for this is another example of "fake news".

The true story is that MEPs will vote on a non-binding resolution on the "Defence" part of the Common Security and Defence Policy agreed ages ago by all member states (including the UK) in the Lisbon Treaty.

The resolution stresses that Nato must continue to be the backbone of collective defence in Europe and that any Defence Union must be agreed to by all EU countries.

So, this is about pooling resources and joint defence procurement, rather than about setting up a European army. And something that doesn't exist, doesn't need to be paid for, not by UK taxpayers.

You can read the full report here
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