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Express derails itself spectacularly

The European Parliament is not giving away free InterRail passes.

Not to 18 year olds, not to 80 year olds. Not to anyone.


Westminster in the summer can be a dull place. With politicians on holiday, the political hacks look for other ways of letting off steam. Some chug along steadily while others take to blowing smoke.

This recent Sunday Express article is all puff and no substance as well as a study in how to deceive readers. But fear not - we’re here to put the Express on the right track.

What started life as a petition by two young activists from Berlin, has not made it into any legislative proposal. Impressive as the sums thrown about in the article are, do not get side-tracked - they are all made up.

Earlier this year, the European Commission addressed the question when launching a youth mobility initative marking the 30th birthday of the Erasmus+ programme:

"This kind of funding is currently not available."

Are there EU politicians who support the idea? Sure there are. We’d think the Express knows that politics is not that simple - one or two politicians supporting an idea does not automatically turn the idea into law.

We know the Express is prone to some EU-inspired tunnel vision occasionally, so we suggest that next time they feel a similarly nonsense story coming on, they give us a call. We’re just the ticket for any EU doubts.


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