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Do not let the Express obscure the facts – the European Parliament has just made EU lawmaking more transparent

collage of UK's  newspapers
collage of UK's newspapers

Reading a recent piece on the Express's website, you might be forgiven for believing that the European Parliament is introducing the so-called trilogues – negotiations between it and EU governments to try to reach agreements on legislative proposals earlier than the three full readings system can.


We're not sure if this was the intention of the paper, but we hasten to clarify that trilogues have existed for years. MEP negotiators have always been part of them and this has never been done in secret. The Corbett Report introduces some changes on how the EP gets involved in them.

Under the previous rules MEPs went into the trilogues after a vote by the relevant committees gave them a mandate to take part in the negotiations. The vote took place in a public meeting which, just like all committee meetings, was webstreamed.

The Corbett Report, which the article lambasts, has introduced changes making the process even more transparent. Now not only the committee but rather the full house will vote on the mandate for these negotiations.

Richard Corbett , the rapporteur of the updated legislation has his own take on the Express story and you can read it here.



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