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Interns 2019 - Winter

Meet Victoria, Valia, and Tony. They interned at EPLO during the winter months of 2019.


What is the most interesting aspect of EPLO’s Internship Program?
Victoria: As someone that had never worked on the Hill, I really enjoyed the chance to get to know so much about the American legislative system. Attending live hearings on the Hill has been especially fascinating.
Valia: Since the office is small, you get to work on many projects with different co-workers building different skills and getting a holistic idea of the entire office.
Tony: The myriad of perspectives in the office is easily the most interesting thing. The chance to blend my American perspective with that of Europeans from many different countries has been an immense learning experience.

What is your favourite place to go or thing to do in Washington, DC?
Victoria: I've lived in DC for four years, and it's one of my favourite cities. DC has so many cool neighbourhoods, but I think my favourites are Shaw and Meridian Park. I recommend walking between the neighbourhoods if you can and checking out the shops and cafes along the way. Also, make sure you visit the monuments at night – there is no one else around and the lighting is really beautiful.
Valia: I absolutely love Capitol Hill Books, a used bookstore in the Capitol Hill area. It is a great place to go on a Sunday afternoon. If you go, make sure to read all the funny notes on the walls.
Tony: I do my best work at the National Gallery of Art. The waterfall cafe there is great for intellectually taxing projects.

Can you tell us something about yourself that your colleagues might not know?
Victoria: Before I decided to go to law school, I very seriously considered becoming a chef because I love to cook.
Valia: I took thirteen years of ballet classes.
Tony: I played video games professionally to make money while I was in grad school.

How do you think this internship will help you in the future?
Victoria: It has been really helpful to see how the European Parliament works in person. I have studied EU law, but seeing the process in action has been super valuable. I am also excited to see how things work in the headquarters in Brussels in a few weeks!
Valia: I now have a better understanding of transatlantic affairs and feel confident pursuing a career in this field of work.
Tony: The traineeship has given me the opportunity to attain a truly global perspective and has allowed me to perform the rare feat of working in two different legislative systems (Congress/European Parliament)

What advice would you give to future interns?
Victoria: Take time to get to know your colleagues in the office. Everyone here is welcoming, fun, and truly a wealth of knowledge. I've really enjoyed building lasting friendships with everyone at EPLO.
Valia: Don't be shy to participate in meetings or make recommendations. Your co-workers are interested in hearing your opinion.
Tony: Always speak up and make sure the American perspective is represented in the room. No one can truly provide it but you.