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Joseph Dunne



+1 (202) 862-4731

Joseph DUNNE has been appointed Director of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington DC, which was set up to foster and develop relations between the European Parliament (EP) and the United States Congress, from October 1, 2019. In 2018, Joseph was a Senior Resident Fellow at the German Marshall Fund in Washington DC and a Visiting Fellow at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. Up to that time, Joseph was a Director in the Directorate General for European Parliamentary Research Service. He was previously Head of Secretariat for the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee and Deputy Chef de Cabinet for EP President Pat Cox. Before the Parliament, Joseph Dunne served in the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs. He edited the first edition of ‘Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe’ in April 2014. Joseph has a B. Mod from Trinity College Dublin and an MA in EU Law from King’s College London.


Andrej Auersperger Matić

Legal Service Liaison

+1 (202) 862 4748


Naja Bentzen

Senior Policy Analyst (European Parliamentary Research Service)

+1 (202) 862 4741


Peter Brown

Technology Advisor

+1 (202) 862 4742


Fernando Garces De Los Fayos Tournan

Senior Advisor, Congressional Relations (Foreign Affairs)

+1 (202) 862 4730


Gisela Grieger

Senior Policy Analyst (European Parliamentary Research Service)

+1 (202) 862 4733


Sanna Kangasharju

Senior Advisor, Congressional Relations

+1 (202) 862 4732


Ryan Meilak

Head of Outreach

+1 (202) 862 4752


Magnus Nordanskog

Counsellor (EU Internal Policies)

+1 (202) 862 4736