Europe Day 2020 

Europe Day 2020

European Parliament

Join us online to commemorate Europe Day 2020. Take part in a live broadcast from the European Parliament, learn about the Schuman Declaration and see European solidarity in action.

Europe Day 2020

European Parliament

Europe Day on 9 May commemorates the date of the Schuman Declaration, which started Europe on the path to today’s European Union. It is a chance to reflect on what solidarity has built and what we hope to in the future.

70 years after the Schuman Declaration, Europe faces a crisis that makes standing together more important than ever. This year, Europe Day is not only a chance to think about the Europeans that made history in 1950 but shine a spotlight on those who are making history today and see this solidarity in action.

Be part of Europe Day


On 9 May you can be part of live events commemorating Europe Day on the Facebook event page and European Parliament Live:

Stay-at-home hemicycle visit
Join us inside the plenary chamber to understand how the European Parliament works. Discover how the Members of the European Parliament prepare their files, debate in a multilingual environment and vote during plenary sessions.

Interactive talk: the European Parliament’s response to Covid-19
Find out what the European Parliament and the European Union are doing to tackle the Covid-19 crisis in this online Q&A. You will also learn about #EuropeansAgainstCovid19, the campaign highlighting the solidarity of Europeans in times of crisis.

Europe in 2020: 70 years after the Schuman Declaration
Ask your questions about the origins of Europe Day in this panel discussion. Experts on Robert Schuman’s work and a representative from the @70Schuman initiative will tell us why Europe Day is on 9 May, who Robert Schuman was, what the Schuman Declaration was, and more.


If you can’t join us live, there are other ways you can be part of Europe Day:

Look out for #EuropeDay on social media
Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram by telling us what Europe means to you and how European solidarity has changed your life.

Show your solidarity
Show your friends and neighbours that you believe challenges are better solved together by hanging the European flag out of your window (or draw one!) Share your photo or video on our Facebook event to join European flags from all over Europe.

Listen to the sounds of Europe 
Enjoy our special playlist for the day and send us your suggestions to complete it!

What was the Schuman Declaration?

70 years ago, on 9 May 1950, Robert Schuman made a statement calling for solidarity between France and Germany. As French foreign minister, he wanted the countries to share production of coal and steel in order to make war ‘not merely unthinkable, but materially impossible’.

His call was heard around Europe and other European countries joined the initiative, laying the foundations for lasting peace. The Schuman Declaration, and the model of international collaboration at its heart, proved to be the first step on the path to today’s European Union.

You can find out more about the Schuman Declaration and its lasting impact below:


In the fight against Covid-19, the European Union shows that strength lies in solidarity. This is a crisis that we can only overcome together. 

Europe has a history of working together to tackle disease. Only three years after the Schuman Declaration, the European Assembly (that later became the European Parliament) called for ways to improve the health of workers in the coal and steel industries. This led to research and better understanding of the health risks facing works that was turned into concrete measures to improve their lives.  

Today Europe faces a disease of a different kind. Covid-19 threatens the health of all Europeans and we would like to honour the Europeans that are making a difference, no matter how small, by sharing their story. We invite you to tell us about researchers, medical staff, scientists, teachers, friends, and neighbours who are united in overcoming this challenge. 

Share your story on social media with #EuropeansAgainstCovid19 #EuropeDay.