Media Library 

The Media Library manages the broadcast content of the Multimedia Centre and is responsible for archiving and research-on-demand requests for footage produced by the Audiovisual Unit of the European Parliament

The memory of the European Parliament 

We offer you access to an extensive library of audiovisual documents, witnessing the history of Europe from the first steps of the Common Market until today. The Media Library archives contain more than 35,000 hours of video documents including plenary sessions, committee meetings and illustrative material. The collective history of the European Parliament in video, photo and audio is stored permanently for future consultation.


Whether you are producing the opener for a main news item or are just about to finish your documentary - a team of professional archivists are at your service to help you find what you need. Upon request, we can provide high-resolution footage of interventions in the Plenary, or other material including press conferences, committee meetings and illustrative footage

  • HD MP4 (h264)
  • SD MP4 (h264)
  • MP3

Conditions of use  

Who ?

The Multimedia Centre aims to make life easier for Media Professionals wanting to cover the activities of the Parliament. Although you can download files from the Multimedia Centre without being registered, we encourage Media Professionals to register to enable us to help you with the fast and smooth transferral of heavy files, in particular video material in broadcast quality.

When to book ?

It is not necessary to book.