Congratulations on your election to the European Parliament!

Dear Member, congratulations for your election to the European Parliament! Whether you are elected for the first time or re-elected, the purpose of the present website is to provide you with useful information to allow you to deal smoothly and efficiently with your administrative formalities. Like this, you will be able to start exercising your mandate as quickly as possible.

The European Parliament and its Administration would like to ensure a smooth and efficient start-up of your mandate while offering you high-quality service in the most accessible, resource-friendly and transparent way.

  • The European Parliament welcomes you in a designated area in its premises in Brussels and Strasbourg called the "Welcome Village".

    All administrative services of the European Parliament will be present in the Village to help you deal with all necessary formalities without having to change from one service to the other in the various buildings. Moreover, information stands from Parliament's services, the political groups and other organisations will offer you useful info and tips to familiarise faster with your role as a Member of the European Parliament.

    The reception arrangements will take the form of stands and desks, operated by specialised multilingual staff at your disposal to provide you with advice and explanations and help you with the administrative formalities.

    The Village will be open:

    In Brussels, 11* June - 12 July 2024

    Members' Salons, on the ground floor of the SPINELLI building

    (*) On Tuesday 11 June 2024, the Village will be open from 12.00 to 18.00. Members will be able to complete their onboarding and the administrative formalities that day, provided that Parliament has already received provisional information on Members elected in the Member State concerned.

    Monday 10.00-18.00

    Tuesday to Thursday 9.00-18.00

    Friday 9.00-13.30

    There are three meeting points (see plan below):

    • at the entrance of the SPINELLI building from the Esplanade Simone Veil - Luxembourg Square
    • at the entrance of the SPINELLI building from Rue Wiertz and Parliament’s underground carpark
    • on the third floor of the SPINELLI building.

    In Strasbourg, 15 July - 19 July 2024

    Galerie Colombo, 1st floor of the WEISS building

    Monday 12.00-18.00

    Tuesday to Thursday 9.00-18.00

    Friday 9.00-13.30

    There is one meeting point at the main entrance of the WEISS building, Allée du Printemps.

  • The EP Welcome App will explain to you what you need to do and how to best prepare for your arrival to the Welcome Village from A to Z: how to book a slot for your onboarding at the Welcome Village, reserve transportation from the airport or train station to the Parliament or make your own arrangements with public transport if you so prefer, indicate any specific mobility issues and request special assistance, know what documents you need to prepare and bring with you, get information about accommodation in Brussels and Strasbourg, receive information and planning of meetings, request your personal MEP Aide, and much more.

    The EP Welcome App will be your most trusted and useful tool in your first days in the European Parliament!

    Request your personalised access to the app by clicking here.

  • Important Notice:

    Please note that, until the European Parliament has received the formal confirmation of Members elected in your Member State of election, you will be given access to the Welcome Village, to enable you to deal with most of the administrative formalities before the start of your mandate on July the 16th. When you arrive at the Welcome Village, you will be asked to sign a form acknowledging the provisional nature of the welcoming services offered by the Parliament.

    Once Parliament has received the formal confirmation of Members elected in your Member State, your accreditation can be processed and you will be invited to complete any outstanding formalities.

    In order to establish your personal file in the European Parliament and start exercising your mandate, you need to bring:

    • Your valid passport or other ID;
    • Your bank information (for transparency reasons, two separate bank account details are needed, containing the IBAN number, the BIC code, and the name/address of the bank);

    For administrative purposes and in order to enhance transparency and integrity, Members are requested to provide certain personal and financial information and sign some declarations:

    • Members' Information Sheet (upon arrival in the Village)
    • Declaration of Non-Incompatibility (only after the formal confirmation of Members elected in the Member State of election has been received; Members cannot start exercising their mandate before they have signed this declaration)
    • Declaration of Appropriate Behaviour (ideally upon arrival in the Village; in accordance with Parliament's Rules of Procedure (Annex II) it needs to be signed at the latest by candidates for an office before the plenary vote)
    • Declaration of Private Interests (at the latest by the end of the constitutive session for all Members; for candidates for an office, before the election)
    • Declaration of Assets (at the latest by the end of the constitutive session)
    • Declaration on Awareness of Conflict of Interests (before taking up office - only for Vice-Presidents, Quaestors, Chairs or Vice-Chairs of a committee or a delegation)

    In order to be able to fill und submit the above declarations and especially the Declaration of Assets and the Declaration of Private Interests, Members are strongly advised to verify the state of their assets and liabilities, the income received from previous occupations (as of July 2021) as well as any income generated from side-activities, which they may also continue to exercise alongside the mandate. Supporting documents are not necessary at this stage. The EP Welcome App provides more details on the contents of the various declarations.

  • The constitutive plenary session of the European Parliament will take place in Strasbourg from Tuesday 16 July 2024 at 10 a.m. until Friday 19 July 2024.

  • Experienced and specially trained Parliament officials called "MEP Welcome Aides" are available to accompany you in all 24 official languages and answer your questions during your first weeks in the European Parliament. If you wish to be matched with an aide, in the Welcome App you can find information how to do so. Or you can contact us, see below.

    What they will offer:

    • an initial meet and greet and a general introduction to the life in the European Parliament;
    • a guided tour of the buildings in Brussels and / or in Strasbourg;
    • information about the learning and development opportunities for Members, such as mandatory training, special induction opportunities, language courses, communication support, and sources of information and research;
    • a weekly follow-up meeting to answer further questions until the end of September.

    Would you like to be matched already now? Your Welcome Aide can assist you already before your arrival!

    Email: PERS-MEP-Welcome-Aides@europarl.europa.eu

    Phone: +32 2 28 31500

    Mobile phone (whatsapp): +32 470 10 17 89

  • Should you still have any questions before your arrival in Brussels or Strasbourg you can contact the following services:

    - "Welcome team"

    Phones: +32 477 99 60 60 or +32 477 99 70 70

    Email: members@europarl.europa.eu

    - "One-Stop-Shop for Members"

    Phone: +32 2 28 44500

    E-mail: OSSforMEPs@europarl.europa.eu