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Parliamentary question - E-003175/2021Parliamentary question

Accusations of corruption concerning Ms Kyriakides

Question for written answer  E-003175/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Jean-Lin Lacapelle (ID), Gilles Lebreton (ID), Catherine Griset (ID), Gunnar Beck (ID), Maximilian Krah (ID), Nicolaus Fest (ID), Hélène Laporte (ID), Francesca Donato (ID), Gilbert Collard (ID), André Rougé (ID), Aurélia Beigneux (ID)

There are currently press reports of a national scandal involving Ms Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, who is from Cyprus.

A company belonging to Ms Kyriadides’s husband is said to have received a loan of several million euros for which it was not eligible, since there was a lack of sufficient collateral. The loan had been granted by a public bank which was in a fragile condition and had been repeatedly bailed out by Cyprus’s taxpayers.

Ms Kyriakides has been accused of not mentioning her husband’s ownership of the company in her declaration of interests.

It is not for us to take a stance on an ongoing case in a Member State. However, the public becomes alarmed at the mention of the word ‘corruption’. Ms Kyriakides oversaw European Union orders for coronavirus vaccines, orders which have been plagued by episodes which might harm the Union’s interests.

In order properly to reassure the public, the Commission is called upon to answer the following questions:

Last updated: 1 July 2021
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